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11 Killer Linkedin Profile Tips for Job Seekers

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Did you know that LinkedIn has over 11 Million active job listings in 2020?

Hiring managers these days take Linkedin profile very seriously for referencing and validation of resume. So, you need to know our 11 killer LinkedIn profile tips. If you are seeking job then you must ensure that your Linkedin Profile, as well as your resume, are up to the mark as a great looking resume and Linkedin profile gives a strong sense of commitment to quality. In other words, this means that candidates who have a great profile, are likely to take greater care at work too.

Simply having a LinkedIn profile is no guarantee that you’ll get hired or even get shortlisted for an interview. You need to review, analyze and optimize your LinkedIn profile to catch the eyeballs of active recruiters.

If you have no clue how to conduct a Linkedin profile analysis, we are here to help you. Just read our LinkedIn profile tips.

Make sure you thoroughly read and implement the following actionable LinkedIn profile tips. It will be great if you open your profile on a parallel window and simultaneously work on all of these LinkedIn profile tips.

1.    Use a custom URL for your Linkedin Profile

By default, your profile URL would be something like www.linkedin.com/in/your-name-54a45589/ (it includes a random looking number at the end).

It doesn’t look professional when you share such a profile in your resume or email or any other communication.

Your profile URL should be something like www.linkedin.com/in/your-name.

Here are the steps to get a custom URL:

Step-1: Click on the “Me” button on the top-right side of your profile page.

Linkedin profile analysis

Step-2: Click on “View Profile”

linkedin profile review

Step-3: Click on “Edit profile & URL”

linkedin optimization service

Step-4: Click on the “pencil” icon to edit the URL and set it to your name.

Linkedin makeover service

2.    Hide the “People Also Viewed” box and set your profile to “visible”

When a recruiter looks at your profile, you would want that the recruiter’s focus stays undivided and able to go through your profile seamlessly. This may seem to be a very small issue at first but it can impact the recruiter’s decision as the recruiter can check out other profiles too while checking yours.

Please visit the following link to know how to fix this issue: https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/2848

Your profile should be visible to Public. You can check your settings by visiting “Edit your public profile”

3.    Include keywords specific to your industry in your description

Your profile should be enriched with industry-specific keywords so that your profile is hyper-optimized for Linkedin search. Recruiters often type keywords in the search to explore profiles and it is a good idea to have keywords in your description to improve visibility.

Do not over optimize your profile with keywords as that would lead to irrelevance.

Since this is a critical task and requires a very good understanding of keywords so you may need the help of professionals. Our recommendation for Professional Linkedin Makeover Service is:

4.    Craft an attention-grabbing and keyword-rich headline

A good headline should be succinct and it should clearly communicate your current role and its importance. If it is keyword rich then it is better. Refer the image below to see a good example of a Linkedin headline.

Linkedin Profile makeover Service

5.    Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is consistent with your resume

Your resume and Linkedin profile should be in sync, else it might confuse the recruiter. If you are planning for a paid resume writing service Calgary then I would recommend you book their Linkedin profile analysis service along with it. Try Resumeble.com!

6.    Get quality recommendations from seniors and colleagues

Recommendations and endorsements are a solid testimony of your value. Make sure you make complete use of this section. It makes your profile look branded and recruiters simply love it for shortlisting.

7.    Make sure you are using a professional profile photo

Linkedin is a serious professional networking site and your profile photo is the first thing that any recruiter would notice. If you do not have a professional looking photograph on your profile, you might risk your chances of shortlisting.

Here is a free tool to assess the quality of your profile pic: PhotoFeeler.

8.    Choose a background cover photo cleverly

Did you know that colors have a major psychological impact on the viewer? You can very easily use this element on your profile to your advantage. For example, if you are in the technology or software industry, use a blue-themed background. If you are in sustainability, use a green-themed background.

Plus, use a background that is consistent with your domain of expertise.

9.    Smartly describe your work history and projects

It should be descriptive, but curated. Use numbers, statistics, percentages etc to describe your achievements, challenges, etc. Eg: Instead of “I helped to grow the sales”, “I led a team of 5 members to grow the sales by 12% within 2 months”.

10.    LinkedIn profile tips: Add media to your profile

Having self-published PDFs, PPTs, Videos, research papers etc. are helpful. It clearly showcases your level of knowledge of the domain.

11.    Frequently test whether your profile ranks for your target keywords

Don’t just throw wet paper towels on the wall and expect something to stick. Instead, search keywords on LinkedIn and see if your profile comes up on top. If not, optimize it again.

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