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Often people come across a situation in their career where they have to completely change their career by moving into a different industry. This could happen because of change in the industry dynamics or because of a career gap. This is a tough situation as it gets hard for most of the people to justify their value for a new kind of job.

If this situation applies to you then you definitely need a professional help from true writers resume. Career change writers resume are expert at identifying your strengths and accordingly present them to on your resume to make it valuable for a new job.

People who have a gap in their career and want to restart working also face a similar kind of situation where they face issues justifying their value. Often they end up getting a lower paying job. A good resume writing service Toronto who has experience in handling such a situation many times can come as a great support.

How to find a good writers resume and resume writing service for a career change?

Our resume writing partner Resumeble has expertise at writing such resumes and their writers resume have 10+ years of experience. Their premium package is perfect for all such cases as it provides a professional resume with unlimited revisions, cover letter, thank you and follow-up letter, Linkedin Profile Analysis service and much more.

Have some good references in your Linkedin profile from your previous employers. This can improve your shortlist chances.

What should your career transition resume look like?

Ideally, a good career change resume should have following 5 things:

  1. The objective should be very clear and succinct.
  2. Achievements in your previous role should be well communicated as achievements indirectly tell your strengths to the employers.
  3. Your resume should have the right keywords. It makes your resume searchable on job portals.
  4. Word format is the best format to submit your resume as most of the portals are equipped to read the word file. PDF at times are not readable.
  5. Emphasize your last work experience.

Important Tip to ace the career change interview

Once you are shortlisted for the position, you must prepare for your resume by deeply understanding the company profile along with the role expectation. During the interview, it is a good idea to support your strengths by showcasing how this is valuable for the job role as well as the organization.

For example, If you are applying for Social Media Manager role and previously you were working as an accountant and the new organization is just a year old. Then you can showcase your analytical ability in your previous job as an accountant and suggest that same is helpful in optimizing social media campaigns. Alternatively, you can highlight your achievements as an accountant in your previous job where you saved money for the organization by your ideas. The ability to ideate is very valuable as a social media manager.