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How to Choose a Job You Love?

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According to research, 67 million employees feel that they are underemployed. If you are reading this there are high chances that you are one of them. So, how to choose a job you love?

Why does this happen?

How to Choose a Job You Love

  1. Either we have a lack of Job opportunities. It is seen that most of the Jobseekers join the first company they land the job in.
  2. We wrongly judge a company and after joining and spending some time we realize it’s not the best we got.

So, How to Choose a Job You Love?

You need to find the right company for you.

The next question you ask yourself what is the right company?

There is no such term as for right company or wrong company. It should be right for you. But there are certain parameters that make-up the right company.

Make sure you read it till the end.

Parameters to identify the right company for you

A new and modern company is not just a place to work in and earn money. It should offer many other things – a place to learn, enhance the skills, sharing and respecting ideas and to realize the passion of one person.

  1. Growth Opportunity

Now you are associated with the particular company for a considerable amount of time. Now you looking to enhance in your current skills and want more opportunities to excel in your skill.

Frequent Promotions and gaining new skills and experiences is the best way to manage your stress in Job.

Opportunities that help in employee growth are:

  • In-house Training or providing outside training
  • Coaching, mentoring and leadership development programs
  • Improving skills through paid courses
  • Paid certifications
  • Continuous Educational Classes
  1. Company Authority in particular Industry

Most of the people look for a company with a good public image. The brand value that comes with the name matters for most of the employees.

Company Authority depends on:

  • When was the company started?
  • What is the size of the company
  • How they have improved the technology in their sector
  • The vision of the company
  • How is the employee retention ratio?
  1. Goals Syncing

When you researching about the vision and mission of the company, you must read about us section of the website, if you are able to sync your career growth goals with the company’s goals then it can be the right fit for you.

Goals syncing includes

  • The goal of the company
  • Roles & Responsibilities given to the employees
  • Values & Morals of the company
  1. Flexibility 

Working hours should be flexible for the employees. Now every day you’re traveling in the high traffic and spending more than an hour in traveling. You can come & leave the office at non-peak hours and also providing the cab facilities.
You should be given a minimum number of hours to be completed within a week.

Flexibility Benefits includes:

  • Work from Home
  • Certain no. of hours to be completed
  • Pick & drop cab facility
  1. Employee Benefits

Apart from Salary, employee benefits are non-salary compensation. These are some of the indirect and non-cash payment. These are provided to employees to create very competitive packages. Most companies try to negotiate in terms of employees benefits.

There are certain benefits that must be given to employees and are mandatory by the government.

Employee Benefits includes:

  • Vacation Leaves
  • Paid Holidays
  • Maternity, Paternity, and Adoption Leave
  • Workers Compensation
  • Overtime
  • Family & Medical Leave
  1. Diversity

The diversity of employees plays a very critical role. The sex ratio of the employees must be balanced. There should be people from different caste and religion.

There should be diversity in the age group of working employees; a mixed set of all age groups with good number plays a very significant role.

  1. Location

Most employees prefer a location near to their home and within a particular region. You should always choose a location that is within the industrial hub. The company should not be in a remote location or very far from home.

If you are location specific job in Canada, you can check out this page.

Location near to the industrial hub helps in:

  • Making a lot of connections
  • Networking Benefits
  • Open to More Opportunities

Now, you have a list of parameters that make the right company for you, the next thing to ask yourself is:

How to choose a job you love and find these companies based on these parameters?

In order to find these companies, there is a list of online platforms available where you research the company.

  1. LinkedIn

Here you can talk to other employees of the company and make good connections. LinkedIn is a great social media platform for employees.

  • You can check the career growth of employees and their retention in the company.
  • Make powerful connections that can help in providing referrals for the job.
  • Great place to know about new positions
  • Check out the company’s page
  1. Facebook

  • Well, you can check the list of fun activities and counseling session that are being offered to the employees.
  • How frequent posts are getting uploaded on their Facebook page.
  • How are they connecting with the employees on their birthdays and are they updating any appreciation awards given to the employees
  1. Glassdoor

This is one of the most important platforms, where you can read all the reviews of the former as well as present employees.
It is one of the most important platforms that plays a very important in your career growth and helps you in your decision making.

  1. Company Website

In order to know the vision and mission of the company, one must read the companies about us and mission page. This will help you a lot in syncing your goals with the company goals.

  1. Others

There are other review websites and Job portals that are available across the web to help you in your decision-making process.

Example – Indeed, Payscale, Google reviews & YouTube


To summarize, here are some broad steps that should be taken to get the right job.

How to Choose a Job You Love: Step I

Make a list of companies

Once you have made the list of companies based on the above parameters, now it’s the time to get on to make a professional resume in Vancouver to help you in getting shortlisted for the interview.

If you already have a resume take a free resume review online. Again a professional help is recommended.

How to Choose a Job You Love: Step II

Skills Evaluating

Now evaluate the skills that are required for the company and how they help you in enhancing your skills based on the above parameters.

How to Choose a Job You Love: Step III

Profile Customization

Now, once you have the company you want to go in with the number of skills required by the company, the last and foremost step is profile customization that is mentioned in the job description you are applying for.

Profile Customization includes:

  • Having a professionally written resume (Get a Guaranteed Interview)
  • LinkedIn Profile Analysis
  • Having an effective cover letter

All these things, it is recommended that you should take a professional help.

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